Leadership Solutions

CF Search provides global leadership solutions since 1984, to assess and attract executive and non- executive talent. In parallel, we also provide board based solutions such as assessments and performance enhancements, alongside technology based concepts.

Our solutions is considered a market leading standard, focussed around assessing character, chemistry and mind-set. These attributes in our experience is what defines higher levels of performance and true leadership, as opposed to assessments for talent being dominated by skills.

Human Capital Consulting

Alexander Mann provides solutions across the entire talent lifecycle - from strategic workforce planning and employer branding, to assessment and selection, to on-boarding and employee engagement. We help you address talent at all levels - from school leavers, to experienced hires, to board members and C-suite appointments.

We offer a powerful range of consulting services to help organisations optimise their entire talent lifecycle. These services can be delivered as part of a broader outsourcing arrangement, or as standalone programmes, and will help you find the talent you need to achieve that great performance.

Employment Programs

Ingeus is a global leading people to work solutions provider for government entities, helping build strong societies in which citizens can thrive. We support governments and employers design and deliver services to solve the complex challenges caused by social and technological change.

Our solutions revolve around workforce employment, health prevention, youth services, rehabilitation, vocational education and veteran programs.

Enterprise Solutions

CF Projects is an emerging markets leading provider of project based talent management solutions. Our clients achieve at least a two fold increase in talent management performance by working with us.

Our solutions to attract, assess and acquire human talent has developed intellectual property that has served businesses for 25 years across the emerging markets and 15 years in the develop markets.

Executive Solutions

EMR is the foremost provider of recruitment solutions at middle-management level to corporates, family groups and government institutions across the emerging markets. Our consultants focus on permanent recruitment solutions, exclusively by a specific industry sector or function.

As a consequence, our consultants provide real-time market data to individuals and businesses, enabling them to be reactive and competitively placed. In short, EMR’s solutions enable businesses and individuals to make a real difference. With significant reach across the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia and Asia Pacific, EMR spans across 28 countries and most industry sectors.